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Paralysis Treatment

Paralysis, known as Pitibha in Ayurveda is a complete dysfunction in certain parts of the body where nerves completely get numb and the receptors don’t receive any signals from the brain. Kerala Ayurveda looks to provide some of the best Ayurvedic treatment Kolkata to the common people of India at the most affordable prices. We have treated paralytic patients to the best of our abilities and tried to help them recover in the most natural way possible.

How is the treatment approached?

Ayurveda has been very successful in treating paralysis. It can be done through the intake of medications and performing exercises. Our company only collaborates with some of the best ayurvedic doctors in Kolkata who will help you surpass the paralytic stage with proper guidance.

The Shiro Abhaganya treatment is an exercise in which natural oils are used to help the paralyzed nerves to recover. Sharera abhinaya is a special treatment where the entire body is oiled up and massaged so that the paralyzed body part can detect sensation and in turn respond. It is believed that the Sharera abhinaya technique is one of the best ways to get a response from the dead parts of the body. These types of neurological diseases depend also on the mental and emotional facet of a patient. For this, oral medications are a must, like herbal decoctions that lead to deducing hypertension in this situation and many more.

Why should you rely on us?

At our center, we work on scientifically proven techniques that help to overcome the issues and limitations related with paralysis. We do not compromise with the quality of our services and only offer the best solutions at the most affordable pricing points. Most importantly, proper time and attention are given to the patients so that they can overcome their disease. Get in touch with our professionals today.

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