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Kerala Ayurveda Kolkata is one of the Best Ayurvedic Treatment Centre in West Bengal. Kerala Ayurveda have helped many by providing effective Ayurvedic Treatments for various health conditions and illnesses. We specialize in providing wellness therapies where skin problems, weight loss plans and hair treatment is offered so that you can take good care of yourself and be fresh and presentable at all times. We have successfully collaborated with the finest Ayurvedic Doctors who are experienced and have the required knowledge to treat any disease with utmost professionals.
We are proud of the reputation we have earned due to our professional ayurvedic services. Considered a leading Ayurvedic health service provider, we prescribe unique Kerala Panchakarma therapies. Our science is not simply a system for curing ailments, but is a life style of health as well. So, we help you in improving the quality of your mental and physical life through traditional Ayurvedic Treatment. At Kerala Ayurveda Kolkata, Ayurveda is practiced with the best of Ayurvedic Physicians in the most Authenticated Manner.
Our services are not only restricted to wellness as we also cater to harsher diseases which are related to the heart, diabetes, alcohol addiction, paralysis, back pain, infertility and other major physical and mental ailments. We believe in only using natural and herbal ingredients to manufacture our medicines.
As the leading Kolkata, we assure that the treatments we provide does not cause any sort of side effects. We offer assistance in achieving complete sound health by the removal of different types of dosha from the body. Our Prime motto is to Achieve Clint Satisfactionby providing them relief with our Natural Ayurvedic Treatments.


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Our Treatments

Anti Ageing Treatment

Healthy and cherished skin, do influence a lot of your surrounding and day to day activates. Therefore, ageing use to be the worst nightmare for most of us.

Anti Stress Programme

We at Kerala Ayurveda Kolkata mastered this ayurvedic treatment over the years and now ready to serve the people in need.

Panchakarma Treatment

Our panchakarma treatment is structured so that these waste deposits are forced to exit your body. This helps in deep cleansing of tissues and internal organs.

Slimming Programme

we at Kerala Ayurveda Kerala offer a completely natural, chemical-free and safe slimming programme.

Beauty Care Treatment

The glow of natural beauty is unbeatable. Nature has its methods to preserve and enhance our look and maintains our youth for longer.

Hair Care Treatment

Hairs are our personal crown. That only establishes their importance. Healthy and shiny hairs are only a dream for many but it is not supposed to be that way.

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