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Heart Disease Treatment

Does ayurvedic have any heart disease treatment?

Ayurveda, meaning the science of life, primarily deals with and helps to overcome any physical, emotional, and mental health disorders. Kerala Ayurveda offers you the best treatment for heart disease. The herbal medicines and hacks can help people suffering from various types of heart diseases. Be it blockage in the blood vessel, congenital heart issues or narrowed capillaries, you can always rely on our services.

What is the secret to our effective herbal treatment?

Here, we only use natural products to treat all kinds of diseases. Ayurveda considers the heart or ‘hridya’ as one of the crucial organs in the body. We provide both- natural and allopathic therapy and thus it is considered to be the best ayurvedic treatment Kolkata.

Treatment of heart problems in Ayurveda:

Ayurvedic focuses on reducing the level of Apachit Meda Dhatu, which means, certain tissues and muscle bulk that needs to be reduced as a treatment for hypercholesterolemia in the body.

Our Ayurveda medications need to be coupled with certain physical activities and exercises like the Gold Bhasma. Ayurvedic panacea also deduces the diseases surrounding the coronary arteries and capillaries. The medications are made with herbs without any mixture of harmful chemicals. Some of them are Yogendrarasa for strength in the nerves of the heart, Swarnabhrakasindura for trembling or tremors in the heart, Vikrantabaddaras for reducing heaviness in the heart.

Why trust us?

The Kerala Ayurveda in one of the best ayurvedic treatment in Kolkata for heart diseases. You are free to get reviews from our patients. You'll feel the change in your health as soon as you get connected to this ayurvedic institution. Kerala Ayurveda located in Kolkata has saved many lives from innumerable precarious diseases. Contact us for any further queries and to know more about our services.

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