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Varicose Veins Treatment

Kerala Ayurveda Kolkata offers exceptional anti-aging treatments that rejuvenate and retain the youthfulness of all skin types. Aging is a process where every creation in the world has to confront the basic reality leads to expiry and it’s a phenomenon beyond control. But in Ayurveda, there are many treatment process mainly designed to stay young have to consider with deserved priority. When the aging process starts in human body there would be changes occurs especially in skin and Ayurveda has many treatments to block the aging process. The cells and tissues of the body gets change while entering in to aging and rejuvenating the body is essential to make control over aging and Ayurveda prescribes very effective system to burden on losing youth. The anti-aging programme in Ayurveda is a course of treatments.

Our Treatments

Anti Ageing Treatment

Healthy and cherished skin, do influence a lot of your surrounding and day to day activates. Therefore, ageing use to be the worst nightmare for most of us.

Anti Stress Programme

We at Kerala Ayurveda Kolkata mastered this ayurvedic treatment over the years and now ready to serve the people in need.

Panchakarma Treatment

Our panchakarma treatment is structured so that these waste deposits are forced to exit your body. This helps in deep cleansing of tissues and internal organs.

Slimming Programme

we at Kerala Ayurveda Kerala offer a completely natural, chemical-free and safe slimming programme.

Beauty Care Treatment

The glow of natural beauty is unbeatable. Nature has its methods to preserve and enhance our look and maintains our youth for longer.

Hair Care Treatment

Hairs are our personal crown. That only establishes their importance. Healthy and shiny hairs are only a dream for many but it is not supposed to be that way.